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Just better for your back in a mini version, as it is based on the Original Ergonomic Cot with the unique Australian Patented and Design Registered design, created specifically to reduce the stress placed on carers and mums by increasing the base height and making access to the child easier. The design allows parents and carers to get closer to the child to reduce the impact of the weight of a child.


• A mini version of the amazing original Ergonomic Cot
• Ergonomically designed to save your back with an easy two push button soft drop side
• Stylish and unisex design to suit the workplace and modern homes
• Better for you and baby as it is sustainable with real clear A grade New Zealand plantation timber
• Ergonomically positioned single base height that is better for you
• 4 x lockable heavy duty wheels so it can be used as an evacuation cot
• Safer for baby with BPA-free teething rails that are very discreet

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  • Safety