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Made from ‘the world’s most renewable material’, the babyU Bamboo Bowl is free from melamine, BPA and BPS making it a safer, smarter and beautiful meal ware for your little ones.

Why is bamboo so good:

  • Bamboo is the fastest-growing plant on earth – growing to full size in just 3-4 months, compared to standard trees which can take 30+ years to grow.
  • NO nasty pesticides and chemicals are required when harvesting bamboo.
  • Bamboo absorbs two times more carbon dioxide than trees.
  • Bamboo generates a vast amount of oxygen, totalling up to 30% more than most plants and trees.
  • Bamboo stabilises and restores the land preventing landslides, it has erosion reducing and soil nourishing qualities.
  • Bamboo is 100% biodegradable, antifungal, antibacterial.
  • Bamboo is not susceptible to lengthy and polluting production processes like plastic and does not have to go through significant changes in order to become usable.

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