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The Élhée BibRond Round Bib baby bottle is supplied with a unique One Size (0-24 months) medium-flow teat in order to simplify the life of parents.  One teat, from newborn to 24 months.

The Élhée BibRond baby bottle looks like a breast, designed to mimic the first physical object introduced into the parent-infant relationship, and as a beautiful tribute to motherhood. It is flexible, lightweight, and soft which emulates the feel of a mother’s breast.

The teat shape is designed to perfectly adapt to the shape of the baby’s palate and is made from subtle silicone to replicate the shape of the mother’s nipple to create a sensation that is similar to breastfeeding. The teat is also designed to be anti-colic. It incorporates a valve that reduces the baby’s intake of air while feeding, thus decreasing the risk of infant colic.

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