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The ezpz Tiny Spoon helps baby learn how to self-feed.

Learning to self-feed is an important developmental milestone. The ezpz Tiny Spoon is designed to help baby learn how to feed independently. Designed for infants 4+ months.


Product Details + Benefits:

Soft silicone protects baby’s developing teeth and makes mouthing + self-feeding safe

Slight arc of spoon bowl makes dipping more effective and helps develop lip closure

Narrow spoon bowl safely fits baby’s mouth

Sensory bumps on the spoon bowl activate sensory awareness to decrease gagging and choking

Non-slip grip and short, fat, round handle help baby grasp utensil

Bumps on the bottom of the spoon stabilise the spoon when at rest

100% food grade silicone is free of BPA, BPS, PV, phthalates, lead and latex

Dishwasher safe

Built to last (silicone is bendable and flexible and doesn’t fade, corrode or deteriorate)

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