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The InfaSecure Adapt More Capsule makes no compromises when it comes to safety, comfort, convenience, versatility, and style. After many years of research and development, we have designed the Adapt More Capsule to provide you with the convenience of not having to reattach and readjust the Top Tether Strap every trip.
The unique, patented Tether Base Design offered on the InfaSecure Adapt More Capsule means that once the base is fitted, it should never have to be removed. You should only have to engage and reengage the Capsule itself, without adjusting the Tether Strap. The Adapt More is designed to combat the misuse of the Top Tether Strap.
The InfaSecure Adapt More Capsule is ISOFix compatible, however, Seatbelt installation is also offered and its as easy as ever! The Easy Lock Belt Clamp featured on the Adapt More is used when installing by Seat Belt Installation. The Easy Lock Belt Clamp provides effortless & secure Installation. When the Adapt More Capsule is not being used in the car, it can be connected to your pram.

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    • 11 months ago

    It has actually saved us lots of time and stress in our daily lives. Oh, and our little one likes it too!

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