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The Leclerc Baby Influencer XL makes life bigger.  It is the Leclerc Baby Influencer’s big brother who stands out from the crowd. Just like the Influencer you can fold and unfold your Leclerc Baby Influencer XL in just 1.5 seconds with only one button press!

The Leclerc Baby Influencer XL has large wheels, allowing you to take your child on terrain and explore the outdoors. Because of its larger wheels, more space in the base, and unique folding mechanism, the Leclerc Baby Influencer XL is ideal for travel, city life, nature walks, and terrain experiences.
The Leclerc Baby XL seat has soft padding to keep your child comfortable, so it’s ideal for everyday use or extended trips.

There are no written rules for parenthood. Parenting brings with it an enormous change, a world filled with love and new challenges. The Leclerc Baby Influencer XL want parents to feel the freedom to travel and ease parenthood. Our vision is clear: support parents in easing their daily role during this new phase of life. Leclerc Babys core: convenience and comfort.

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    • 10 months ago

    We adore the magic fold stroller since it is so simple to fold and unfold and because it is so lightweight and stable to push.

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