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Reduces colic by up to 80% thanks to the vented base which stops your baby swallowing any air during feeding.
Self-sterilises in the microwave; simply heat the bottle in the microwave with 20ml of water and in 3 minutes it’s done.
We know that with this self-sterilising function means that there is no need to pack additional big sterilisers so parents can be ready for anything.
The included Slow Flow Teat allows for an easy switch between breastfeeding and bottlefeeding.

Suitable for: Newborn +

Age group: Newborn-6 months|6-12 months|12-18 months

4.8 /5
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    • 1 year ago

    I’ve been giving my son the Mam anti-colic bottles for a while, and it’s been great. Big enough to hold the ideal amount of milk, and its teats are wonderful since they don’t let a lot of air flow through. Better than bottles from other companies, these are simple to clean. But, I really wish there were more colour options!
    anti-colic teats, simple to clean, few colour options

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