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First steps to setting you up for breastfeeding success.
The benefits to antenatal colostrum expressing are immeasurable.
Packed full of antibodies, healthy fats for energy, vitamins, proteins & carbohydrates designed specifically for your baby you are about to bring earthside.
The Milky Goodness® Antenatal Colostrum Expressing Kit is a comprehensive yet convenient kit designed to help you prepare & store your expressed colostrum.
This kit is perfect for a new mum or those experienced in this wonderful journey of motherhood.

Here are 6 key components to support the collection of your Liquid Gold which include:
11 x Syringes ( 4 different volumes – each individually sterilised & packaged)
11 x Syringe Caps
11 x Syringe Labels
1 x 30ml Measuring Cup with Lid
1 x “How to” Info card
1 x Breast Milk Storage Magnet

PLUS: An exclusive code to claim your FREE Sample pair of Milky Goodness® Lactation Cookies. (please note this code is supplied in the kit, once you have received this product you can then claim your free sample pair in a separate order)

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