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Take control of your child’s fever monitoring with the FeverSmart Temperature Monitor from Nurofen for Children. This innovative product allows you to continuously and accurately monitor your child’s temperature without disturbing their sleep. If their temperature reaches a high range, you’ll receive an alert. The monitor also tracks medication given to your child.

Designed for children aged 0-3 years, the FeverSmart Temperature Monitor by Nurofen for Children comes with a FeverSmart Temperature Monitor, adhesive patches, a base station, AAA batteries, and an information manual. It also includes a digital temperature monitoring app that is compatible with smartphones and tablets.

To use the monitor, simply download the free FeverSmart app, create a profile for your child, and attach the monitor to their underarm using the included adhesive patches. The monitor sends continuous, accurate temperature readings to the app without disturbing your child’s rest. The app can be set up to notify you if their temperature is in the high range and also allows you to record and set reminders for medication.

Overall, the FeverSmart Temperature Monitor  for Children provides a simple and effective way to monitor your child’s fever and ensure their wellbeing.

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    • 10 months ago

    A lot simpler than attempting to use a regular thermometer. I appreciate that when my infant was ill, she was kept under observation throughout the night.

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