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The Zeno is the premium offering from Puma x Cybex and if ever a running buggy could feel sleek and fast, this is it. When heading out on a run it felt like you were placing your child in a very comfy Formula 1 car, strapping them in and zooming off. The reality was less-zoomy, but nevertheless it’s a stroller that would suit those who want to clock up longer miles while the little one sleeps.

There is a hand brake on the handle to help slow you and your precious cargo as well as a foot brake when parked. There’s reasonable storage for bits and pieces, like a sports bottle at the rear of the buggy, but it’s pretty minimal compared to others on test. The suspension is responsive and provided excellent comfort, even on bumpy ground. A real selling point for this buggy, however, is the hands-free running attachment you can buy that allows you pull it behind you rather than push it.

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