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We can’t resist a noteworthy neutral, especially one with an iconic design and plenty of visual texture. So, just go ahead and kick of your shoes as you step, kneel, lie, play, crawl, roll onto this timeless, dashing and extraordinarily versatile checkered play mat which is as classic as it gets. This good-looking play mat instantly brightens up any space.

The Phoenix Play Mats’ braided weave effect offers astonishing visual texture and delicate tonal variations giving it a unique presence. Well, being a Rugabub, you wouldn’t expect any less.

And have you seen the new Little Explorer side of this play mat? Heart Eyes! We Added a little twist to our original Little Trooper and we are obsessed. When we say “safe play without compromise” we mean it! Compromising goes both ways. So, we have crafted a stylish side that respects parents, and when you flip the play (!!) mat over, you will treasure a fun, minimal and playful map for the whole family to enjoy, where your imagination and creativity can come out. We call this side “The Little Explorer”. Please read all about the Little Trooper’s minimal design here.

An incredibly plush, safe & durable play mat for the whole family to enjoy for years. As we endeavour to bring the finest quality, skill and artistry to every play mat we offer, rest assured that we have meticulously designed every aspect of this play mat to ensure you get the best in the market.

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