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hospital grade breast pump for under $250! The Dew 350 was the first pump we introduced here in 2012 and remains a firm favourite with mums. The Dew 350 is a simple, powerful hospital grade breast pump which is ideal for most pumping mums. It has been used by hundreds and hundreds of Aussie mums now who love how effective it is, how easy to use, and how quiet! Please feel very free to read the reviews on the ‘reviews’ tab or come and visit our facebook page and ask other mums directly!

The Dew 350 is hospital grade, so it has a larger motor and is not a small pump – it is about 2k and 20cm across the base. The Dew 350 does need to be plugged in and can’t be used with a car adaptor, so if portability is essential to you, then consider one of our portable breast pumps, like the M1. If you are able to set your breast pump up at work or somewhere at home and just pump in that spot, then read on. The Dew 350 has suction up to 350 mmHg, and with its strong motor, this means that you can be sure of pumping strong enough to draw out milk and build supply if needed. The suction is completely variable – the dial can be turned to adjust the suction all the way down to zero, and then turned up to suit your comfort level once pumping. When single pumping you might have the dial turned 1/3 of the way, and 2/3 of the way for double pumping. The Dew 350 has an easy and comfortable pattern of suction which mums just seem to love – it’s a very smooth action.

The drawback of the Dew 350 is that it has no letdown mode – the letdown mode is a quick, light pattern of suction which helps trigger letdown, or the process by which your body starts the milk flow. As a general guide, the longer you’ve been breastfeeding, the harder it is to get a letdown with a breast pump, though every woman is individual so there are many exceptions. The Dew 350 will work wonderfully for perhaps 90% of mums, but if you’re a mum who finds it harder to express, then a letdown mode will really help, so look at the M1 or the S2. We generally advise that if you’re a new mum wanting to express, particularly if you are relying on the pump or need to build supply, the Dew 350 is ideal, but if you’re a mum with an older baby, say going back to work at 10 months, then you’re more likely to need a pump with a letdown mode.

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