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 Monitor your baby’s entire room on a big screen with high-quality imagery. That’s possible with a real 720P resolution camera, with crystal clear imagery coming through on the LCD 5’’ HD TFT (1280*720 Pixels) monitor screen.
• With more than 12 hours of battery life, TweetyCam allows you to have a real-time view of your baby throughout the day, and throughout the house, all thanks to its hardy power supply of 4000mAh battery.
• Be there when you’re needed. Thanks to our voice activation (VOX) system, you will be alerted immediately when your baby is awake. The monitor and sound will also turn off if your little one is deeply asleep, so you can also rest easy.
If that wasn’t enough TweetyCam also packs all of the latest features into a super cute device that can be attached anywhere in your baby’s room thanks to the handy flexi mount (extra):
– Immediate Install – Just plug and play
– 360° Coverage with a pan tilt function
– 2X and 4X zoom
– Advanced night vision, with invisible infrared LEDs
– Wireless coverage up to a range of 960 feet
– Create the perfect environment with TweetyCam’s temperature monitor
– Push-to-talk clear, two-way communication
– Playlist of soothing sounds and sweet lullabies

– Up to 4 cameras

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