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discover what it means to co-parent in Australia, how it is able to benefit your child, and some valuable tips that will help you manage lifestyles after a divorce.

Sometimes relationships break down, and when kids are involved, it can make matters a little extra complex. Usually, it is in your child’s best interest to spend time with both parents. Having both your former companion and yourself actively involved in co-parenting has many advantages. Let’s take a closer look.


What Is Co-Parenting?


when couples separate, their kids should continue to spend significant time with both mother and father, even though they no longer live in the same house. Legally after a divorce or de facto relationship separation, both mother and father have a parental responsibility to independently make choices about their child until they reach the age of 18. decisions regarding their child’s welfare and upbringing can continue to be made together if preferred, including issues such as education, health or religion.

Co-parenting does not mean the same things as equal time. beneath the own family regulation Act, the court will decide custody of your child.

dealing with a separation can be emotionally draining and highly stressful. Navigating financial problems, new living preparations and parenting solo can be exhausting.

when separated couples agree to cooperate and share obligations when raising their children, it benefits their children. Co-parenting can work properly in many circumstances if both mother and father set up a plan and routine.

It also succeeds when parents focus on their children’s happiness, well-being and stability, not their emotions about their ex-spouse.

How Does It Benefit Your Children?

maintaining a happy, strong and healthy surroundings for your children after a Divorce or separating is a incredible manner to positively transition into their new schedules and living environments.

children thrive in a familiar environment. providing consistency with discipline and similar guidelines in both families can be beneficial as they realize what is expected.

The well-being of the children should be the most vital factor when going through a divorce.

Cooperating with your former partner can be beneficial on your children as they could exist in an surroundings free from tension or anger. They feel more secure, which ultimately benefits their emotional and mental health. also, children who see their parents working together can learn how to peacefully resolve problems while looking their parents role model good behavior.

children be successful and do well when they have a great relationship with their parents, especially when both parents are stable and supportive even if they are not together.

parents who are not in conflict can help ensure that the living environment for the child is comfortable and loving.


Writing a parenting plan or consent order

For co-parenting to work, it is best to write down a parenting plan . that is an agreement, made between you and your former partner. It does not involve going to court.


The parenting plan information:


how you may share parenting duties

who the children will stay with

the amount of time to be spent with each parent

holidays and special events

decision-making guidelines


health care

financial care


A parenting plan is not legally enforceable. if you need a legally binding document, you and your former partner can prepare a written consent order. this is similar to a parenting plan. It covers parenting and financial arrangements in your children, however it’s enforceable by the Courts. A consent order needs to be approved by the court, but neither parent needs to attend court.


Child support payments


A binding child support agreement is an agreement between each parents about child support payments. it could be made for any amount that both mother and father agree on. it might include cash payments or non-cash payments such as school fees. each parent will need to get legal advice before entering the agreement.


you could also apply for a child support assessment. This tells you how much child support you should pay or receive. it is based on both parents’ incomes and family circumstances.




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