Giveaway Guidelines


These guidelines exist to provide general clarity and direction to
giveaways run by The Baby Biography on social platforms.


• Giveaways are not sponsored, administered or associated with Instagram.

• To be eligible for winning, participants must be following @thebabybiography on the social platform the competition is running.

• All relevant giveaway partners must be followed of applicable.

• To win, tag your friends in the comments section of the giveaway upload. More tags increase your chance of winning, but duplications will be considered fraudulently as an attempt to gain unfair entries. Duplicate entries will disqualify the commentor.

• Posts shared on stories gain a bonus winning chance.

• Winners will be selected randomly from the comments section of the posts.

• Winners will be selected on the dates mentioned in the post captions unless specified otherwise.

• Gifts may differ in model and colour shown in the posts, according to stock availability of partnering organizations.

• Giveaway is open to Australian residents only, shipping to other countries will not be covered.

• Winners will be contacted via Instagram DM through the official @babybiography Instagram page. We do not collect bank or credit card details- beware of scammers, this is a free giveaway.

• Gifts will be delivered to your address directly by the giveaway partners.

• The guidelines above may or may not be considered as disqualification criteria at the sole discretion of The Baby Biography team.

• The instructions provided on social media do not supercede these guidelines, and these will compliment and govern the rules of thumb on giveaways hosted on social media.