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Karicare Infant Formula Stage 1 is made with the goodness of New Zealand milk, collected from local farms. We blend in key ingredients to support your little one and leave out any preservatives or artificial flavours.

Gentle nutrition caring for little tummies

Key ingredients to support your baby

Made with the goodness of NZ milk

No added preservatives or artificial flavours

Grass fed as per NZ standard practices

Karicare Infant Formula is a breast milk substitute that has been trusted for generations. Specifically formulated for formula-fed babies from birth to 6 months, Karicare Infant Formula is gentle nutrition caring for little tummies, is free from added preservatives and artificial flavours, and contains the key ingredients to support your baby.

At Karicare, we’re committed to supporting sustainability. That’s why all of our formula tins, including the lid and scoop, are recyclable. Simply pop them into your home recycling bin once they’re empty.

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