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The Baby Biography Award Winners | Best Breast Pumps in Australia 2023

The Baby Biography Award Winners | Best Breast Pumps in Australia 2023

Welcome to the ultimate guide where we’ve gathered all the essential information in one place to make your life easier. We know that choosing the best breast pumps in Australia can be a daunting task, so we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. Wondering how we selected the winners? It’s simple! We listened to what you, the customers, had to say, and we also consulted our team of Baby Bio experts.

Customer feedback is super important because your experiences matter the most. We took a close look at what parents like you had to say about their breast pumps, considering their real-life experiences to determine the cream of the crop.

We also collaborated with our trusted team of The Baby Bio experts who bring years of knowledge and expertise to the table. Their insights and analysis added an extra layer of credibility to our awards.

And to make your life even easier, we’ve included direct links to purchase these outstanding products right here in this article. No more endless searching or guesswork. Just a straightforward path to finding the best breast pump for your needs.

So, whether you’re a new parent or on the hunt for an upgrade, our Baby Biography Award Winners for the Best Breast Pump in Australia 2023 will certainly guide you. Let’s simplify your journey to making the right choice for you and your little one.


Here are The Baby Biography award Winners for The Best Breast Pumps in Australia in the year 2023:

Gold Award Winner 2023: Spectra S1+ Hospital Grade Double Electric Breast Pump with inbuilt rechargeable battery

Best breast pump - Gold


The Gold award winner for 2023 is the Spectra S1+ Hospital Grade Double Electric Breast Pump. The S1+ Hospital-Grade Double Electric Breast Pump is a powerful breast pump. It’s like the S2+ but better because it has adjustable settings, a nightlight, and a built-in rechargeable battery.

Additionally, it comes with everything you need for double pumping. Please note that our pumps and shield kit now have better white duck valves, not the blue ones shown.




Silver Award Winner 2023: Medela Harmony® Manual Breast Pump


The Silver award winner for 2023 is the Medela Harmony® Manual Breast Pump. Meet Harmony, the manual breast pump for when you’re not with your baby for a short time. It’s handy for travel or as a backup to your electric pump. It’s small, light, and easy to carry, so you can pump at home, work, or anywhere you like.

Furthermore, What’s great is it comes with a PersonalFit Flex breast shield, which helps you get more milk faster*. These shields are comfy and help milk flow better, so you spend less time pumping and more time with your baby.




Bronze Award Winner 2023: Mumilk Pro Wearable Breast Pump


The Bronze award winner for 2023 is the Mumilk Pro Wearable Breast Pump. Introducing the Pro Mumilk Hands-free Wearable Breast Pump, designed for busy moms on the go. It’s compact, quiet, and cordless for discreet pumping anywhere.

This efficient pump ensures a steady milk supply. We’re here to support you on your breastfeeding journey. Order now for freedom and ease.



Product Details:

  • 3 modes, 12 suction levels.
  • Holds 180ml (6oz).
  • Portable and easy to use.
  • Comes with a 24mm flange (other sizes available).
  • USB-C charging in 2 hours.
  • Vacuum range up to 300mmHg.
  • 70-80 minutes usage with auto-shutoff in 20 minutes.


In addition to the products above, The Baby Bio also loved this!


Nominee: Tyhan Elevate Wearable Breast Pump

Introducing our Hands-free Wearable Breast Pump, a sleek, quiet, and powerful solution that takes discreet pumping to the next level. Additionally, It offers 2 modes for stimulation and expression with 5 adjustable levels, a 150mL capacity, and up to 130 minutes of use before the 30-minute auto shut-off. It boasts hospital-grade suction up to 320mmHg, is BPA-free, and includes a reusable Tritan bottle. Moreover, it’s easy to recharge with a USB-C battery and comes with a one-year warranty.







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